Darin Lucas, President & CEO
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Carl Muehlemeyer, COO
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Nicole Skattum, Executive VP | Operations
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Michele Schuh

Business Development Manager for Aegis Financial

Michele shares what our top producers across the country have implemented using her methods in a unique consultative approach we call “Practice Made Perfect.” Michele brings more than 20 years of industry experience to our team at Aegis Financial. She’s sat where you are, in front of the client, providing in-depth retirement planning for her own clients. She has sat behind the desk where your assistant sits, planning marketing strategies, managing 5 offices, providing customer support and building loyalty amongst her community. She has been at the top of the sales ranks for two Fortune 500 companies both in the telecom and CRM software sectors. Now, as an exclusive partner with Aegis Financial, Michele will help you uncover potential and build confidence among your staff.

Michael Blaker

Sales Coach

Michael Blaker has taught hundreds of producers across the country his unique, simplified, yet incredibly powerful sales system and helped them achieve income levels most agents have previously viewed as unattainable using life insurance. Blaker’s sales process is based on simplicity, focusing on the benefits of life insurance and not the technical aspect. “Life insurance is about protecting the ones you love,” says Blaker. “It’s an emotional sale. We have found the best way to communicate the power of life insurance is through stories and case study; people identify and empathize with that. The best part about the sales approach I teach is that agents don’t need to know much about life insurance to have a tremendous impact on their clients and create an additional revenue stream for their business that’s quite substantial.” Blaker was featured in Senior Market Advisor in 2005, showcasing his innovative approach to improving the Life Insurance industry, and brings 30 years of experience in life insurance and annuity production, and sales training.

Heather Schreiber

Tax and Social Security Specialist

Heather Schreiber, RICP®, founder of HLS Retirement Consulting, LLC, partners with financial, legal, and tax professionals to build holistic client solutions for retirement. Her goal is to help you build customized solutions for your clients by incorporating advanced planning strategies that meet your unique client needs in easy-to-understand and deliverable terms. With over 20 years in the financial services industry, Heather’s areas of experience and expertise include:
• Retirement income planning/case design
•IRA distribution strategies, Social Security strategies and rules, and how to cater the claiming decision with the unique needs and goals of the client

• Tax mitigation techniques

• Qualified Plans, 403(b)s, 457(b)s, and TSPs

• Social Security planning

• Beneficiary distributions and considerations

• Charitable giving

• Gifting and wealth transfer planning

• Tax law reform

• IRS reporting

• The proper use of trusts

• Non-qualified annuities, structure and taxation

• Illustrative capabilities – Social Security, RMD, Stretch IRA, 72(t), Roth Conversion

• 72(t), RMD, Stretch IRA, Roth Conversions

Lisa McLaughlin, Marketing Director
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Direct: 877.857.9312

Madelyn Price, Marketing Coordinator
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Kristen Dean, Marketing Coordinator
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Ingrid Alpenfels, Accountant
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Sarah Holstein, Annuity Operations Assistant
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Michelle Aragon,
Client Services Manager for Chad Kopser
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Sarah Conklin, Front Desk Administrator
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Michele Hubbard, Licensing & Contracting Specialist
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Jennifer Rowan, Aspen Team Lead
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Chad Kopser, Senior VP
Marketing & Sales
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Mike Dudley, Senior VP
Marketing & Sales
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Grady Gorman, Regional VP
Marketing & Sales
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Michael Ladd, Regional VP
Marketing & Sales
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David Martinez, Regional VP
Marketing & Sales
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Rachel Root, Telluride Team Lead
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Josh Karasow, Senior VP
Marketing & Sales
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Tom Bradley, Senior VP
Marketing & Sales
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Ian Rivas, Regional VP
Marketing & Sales
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Brooke Watson, Vail Team Lead
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Nate Murphree, Senior VP
Marketing & Sales
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Steve Gibson, Regional VP
Marketing & Sales
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Hary Sastro, Regional VP
Marketing & Sales
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Adam Ellzey, Regional VP
Marketing & Sales
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Scott Soares, VP Life Sales
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Tim McGuire, VP Life Sales
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Desiree Dominguez, Life Team Lead
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Karla Cutshaw, Life Assistant
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