Internet Credentials

Internet Credentials is about helping producers and advisors take command of what their clients and prospects see and perceive about them online, because we all know that perception is reality!

Internet Credential Expert Bill Broich

“The most important part of your business is ‘internet credentials’ and the reason is simple:  92% of all prospects will do an internet search on you prior to any meeting, continuation of a meeting, becoming a prospect, or a client.

If your credentials do not fill up page one in a Google search, your percentages of success will be low. If your credentials reinforce you and your business life, the number will tilt to your favor.

That is what I do. I build internet credentials and use the information to market to your database for lead generation through Retire Village, our powerful electronic response system.”

– Bill Broich, Internet Credentials Expert

Building Your Online Reputation with the Internet Credentials Wheel

Invited Authors

One of the most impactful ways to increase your internet reputation is by becoming a published author. Because of the massive change in how information is viewed and obtained via search engines, becoming a published author provides you with an avenue to build your internet reputation, expand your credibility, and increase your sales.

These articles become the foundation that feed many of the other Internet Credentials tools. For example, your articles get posted under the “Spotlight” section of They also get posted on your website and automatically sent to your Retire Village database notifying prospects and clients of your new article. Your article is also “tagged” which will help it be found when anyone is searching for a specific topic in your area, thus promoting organic SEO.

You need not be an expert to write an article. Our editing team will polish it, add (or subtract) content, and add a visual aid. Your article will then be posted for you to more than a dozen internet outlets to help increase visibility. Be sure and ask our Creative Team about dictation options to assist you in getting ideas in your head down in a written format.

In partnership with Aegis Financial is, one of the oldest, most established financial domains in existence. This offers producers the unique and unrivaled online credential-building power of strategically linking with this powerhouse website.

Learning Center

Retire Village is a powerful marketing tool that serves two primary functions:
It’s an automated “set it and forget it” drip marketing system
You’ve heard it before and undoubtedly experienced it yourself, some people aren’t always ready to buy on your time table.  Wouldn’t it be great to be the first person they think of when it is their time to buy? Retire Village puts you in that position. Every two weeks, Retire Village automatically sends valuable information to your prospects on your behalf via email. Could be an article, could be a video, could be a white paper, but it’s always valuable and promotes planning concepts you determine. We have literally hundreds of producer testimonials where business “appeared out of thin air” from prospects agents had met with previously, didn’t sell and had forgotten about, but made the wise decision to enter their email address into Retire Village and let it do the heavy lifting.

It’s your own personal Retire Village “Learning Center” website
This website is jam packed with articles, videos and many other useful resources to help educate your clients and prospects about retirement and income planning concepts. This site works in tandem with your own business website to build internet search engine visibility and serves as a feeder for many of our other Internet Credentials tools.

Public Relations Announcements

Our team will write and create a polished and professional press release about you and your practice. Press releases are indexed by the search engines and will show up on internet searches to help you establish immediate credentials online. Additionally, we help you publish expertly crafted PR announcements centered around specific events, milestones, and important community-facing news that’s happening with your business. This flurry of activity works together to increase your reputation and build your internet reputation.

Producer Biography

A well written biography with a professional and original photograph (never previously published on the internet), are excellent tools to build credentials and increase SEO. Both are indexed by the search engines and will show up on internet searches. If you don’t currently have a biography, we’re happy to assist in creating one for you.

Business Website

It starts with a good website. At Aegis Financial, we provide contracted agents with a modern, sleek and professional site that offers functionality and ease-of-use for their clients and prospects to navigate. We help agents convey the image and perception most pre-retirees and Baby Boomers are looking for. Speak with our Creative Department if you desire a more complex and customized website and we’re happy to review options.